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Hugo Award for Gaiman and ‘The Doctor’s Wife’

Neil Gaiman with Hugo AwardRenowned author Neil Gaiman won a Hugo award in the category “Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form” for ‘The Doctor’s Wife’, an episode of the classic BBC series Dr Who that featured Michael Sheen as the voice of ‘the house’.

Congratulations Neil.

Looking Back at 2011

Another year almost over dear friends, so I thought I would take this opportunity to look back at some of the highlights of 2011 before it is over.

At the start of the year, Michael was seen on TV, first in Shooting The Hollywood Stars with British photographer, Rankin, where he portrayed the iconic film star, Charlie Chaplin; then later we saw Michael being honoured with a Best Actor award at the LA BAFTA Britannia Awards that had taken place back in November.
The dates for Hamlet were announced, and false rumours were abound that Michael had been cast as Blofeld in the next 007 film.
News broke that the forthcoming ‘Passion’ play would be made into a feature length film, as Michael arrived in his home town of Port Talbot to begin preparations with the community for the Passion.
Tickets went on sale this month for both Hamlet at the Young Vic, and also for National Theatre Wales’ Passion
.Michael Sheen received the James Joyce award from the  Literary and Historical Society of University College, Dublin, followed by a Q&A. He also made an appearance at Treat Trust’s gala dinner to raise much needed cash to fund a world-class health and rehabilitation centre in Wales.
National Theatre Wales launched a web community for NTW13 (the Passion Play) as a means to keep the public informed of the progress of the play and to encourage the community to get involved in the project.
Beautiful Boy premiered at Dallas Film Festival to great critical acclaim. Michael continues to visit sections of the Port Talbot community, including the RNLI.
The viral campaign for the Passion commenced with the launch of, and news that a local Port Talbot man had gone missing. He was later seen in a video for Comic Relief along with other Welsh celebrities miming to a parady song called ‘Newport State of Mind’.
The rumour that this site broke, of Michael Sheen gaining a voice over guest spot on the forthcoming series of Doctor Who was confirmed by the episode’s writer, Neil Gaiman.
Tron Legacy, the sequel to the classic Disney sci-fi film of a cyber world ran by a master program, was released on DVD and BluRay.Jesus Henry Christ premiered at Tribeca Film Festival and the official website launched.  
The press surrounding the Passion reached fever pitch. Michael spent a few very busy days appearing on multiple TV and radio shows, including Fern, BBC Breakfast, This Morning, Radio 2 with Simon Mayo and a Q&A at The Laugharne Weekend.
Finally, during an uncommonly warm and sunny Easter weekend, the whole of Port Talbot became the backdrop for the Passion.Michael stayed in the character of ‘the teacher’ for the whole 72 hours of the performance, which featured 1000’s of local people, as well as Welsh rockers, the Manic Street Preachers.
Midnight In Paris opened this year’s Cannes Film Festival. Michael and his co-stars do a lot of publicity through out the month as the film gets a limited release in the US.
A portrait of Michael appeared at the Royal Society of Portrait Painters’ annual exhibition.Michael appears as the voice of the House in a Neil Gaiman penned episode of Doctor Who.
Midnight In Paris continues to do well at the Box Office, to go on to be Woody Allen’s highest grossing movie.
Michael Sheen delights Twilight fans when he reads out some fan fiction during an interview on VH1 Buzz.
Beautiful Boy gets limited US release and generated potential Oscar buzz throughout the media.
 A BBC making of documentary called Passion of Port Talbot airs on BBC One. It followed Michael as he worked with the locals of his home town in the production of the Passion play.
A teaser trailer of Breaking Dawn was released, showing Michael as the character of Aro and a release date for Resistance was announced.
  Doctor Who series 6, which features the episode Michael appeared in as House, is released on BluRay and DVD.
Michael Sheen takes a turn at DJing on BBC 6 Music, and got to spend an hour talking about, and playing, his favourite songs.
Michael is snapped at the premiere of Deathly Hollows along with his daughter, and her mother, Kate Beckinsale.
Behind the scenes images from a photoshoot by photographer Steve Carty. The photos were to be used as promotional images for Michael’s upcoming Hamlet production.
Beautiful Boy is released on DVD in Sweden before anywhere else. Beautiful Boy DVD cover
Rose Theatre in Kingston On Thames announced that as part of their Time To Talk series, there would be holding a Q&A with Michael in the following January.
During a press interview promoting Midnight In Paris, Michael Sheen revealed that he would also be appearing in the untitled Terrence Malick project.
In a series of 4 episodes, Michael reads letters from renowned Kenneth Tynan, as part of a BBC Radio 4 program.
 Michael Sheen and Chris Evans The cast list for Hamlet at The Young Vic is released.
Michael appeared on BBC Radio 2’s Breakfast show with DJ Chris Evans to start off his publicity for Hamlet.
Due to an early high demand, more tickets for Hamlet went on sale.
Beautiful Boy is released on DVD in US. Midnight In Paris gets a UK and European release, as well as being able to pre-order on DVD in US.  Michael Sheen as Hamlet
A new poster is released for Resistance. An in depth interview with Michael appears in The Times and in The Guardian as part of his Hamlet promotion.
He also appeared on Jonathan Ross’s ITV show.
Michael Sheen and Bill Mitchell win Theatre Awards UK’s Best Director for the Passion.Previews of Hamlet open at The Young Vic
 Michael Sheen as Hamlet at The Young Vic After official press opening night, and Hamlet’s direction receives mixed reviews, but the feeling that Michael Sheen’s performance was nothing short of tortured brilliance was unanimous. The performances continue to rave reviews and sell out audiences.
It is announced that Prince Charles will attend the premiere of Resistance, which receives a sadly limited release within the UK.
Michael unveils a blue plaque from English Heritage on the late Richard Burton’s London Home.
A new promo image of Michael Sheen as Aro for Breaking Dawn is released.
WhatsOnStage awards have Michael shortlisted twice for their 2012 awards. Once for Hamlet, and again for the Passion.
Michael makes an appearance on BBC Radio 4’s Great Livesseries to talk about author Philip K Dick.Hamlet continues to wow Hamlet audiences at The Young Vic, and continues to sell out.
Michael appeared alongside Joanna Lumley and Samuel West at an Index On Censorship held an event at the Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park to highlight the plight of political prisoners in Belarus.
This site has continued to grow during 2011 and this is mostly down to each and everyone of you, my lovely visitors.
I created this site because I love the work of Michael Sheen, and wanted to support and promote him, and also to inform and create a community of like minded people. I am never going to make any money from this, it actually costs me money, but the people and friends I have made along the way have made it all worthwhile.

There are a few people who require a special thanks. One such group call themselves the Sheenian Sisters – @mariamuser @teamaro1 @nouarraa @Evangelinered @fulvia_malacart @gginsp @LucianaLycanus @Margarita_Q @NadyJdB @Redfoxi – thank you ladies for all your support in the twitterverse.

More twitter love to @Merlange @Lilyfreeman @magooglersriot, and @YVTeaBitch.

A really big thank you to my husband who supports me and who graciously, and without envy, accepts that he is not the only man in my life.

Finally, a massive thank you to my sista-from-another-mista @Caryn69. The most bodacious of babes, and a true and loyal friend.

I’m off to enjoy the holiday season, and I doubt there will be many updates over the next couple of weeks but normal service will be resume in early January.
Until then, all the best for the festive season and thank you for your support, and in the words of Bill and Ted – Be Excellent To Each Other. And if you haven’t done so already, don’t forget to download the 2012 Calendar.
See you all in 2012!

8 Actors Who Could Play Doctor Who – Michael Sheen is at #1

That is according to anyway.

Michael Sheen is a self-confessed Doctor Who fan. He even managed to get a part in an episode last season, as the voice of the House in a episode entitled ‘The Doctor’s Wife’, penned by Neil Gaiman.

David Yates, the director of the last four Harry Potter movies and the BBC have recently announced plans to bring the Doctor to the big screen. The movie will be a reboot of Britain’s most famous sci-fi franchise and will have no connection to the current TV incarnation. Now it seems that he is a popular choice in the fan community for the titular role.

Other choices in the article include Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock / Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy) and Richard Armitage (Spooks / Robin Hood).

What the article says about Michael:

Welsh stage and screen actor Michael Sheen has a huge repertoire of feature credits and would be a good choice for the American market given his popularity internationally. He’s got that kind of scruffy, “I’m thinking of how to solve the problems of the universe’ mad scientist look, which is perfect for the 1100-year-old Time Lord. After a millennia on the move, he’s bound to have a few bags under his eyes.

Sheen was largely a stage actor in the nineties, but began moving onto the screen in the early 2000’s. He landed a mixture of American and British film roles, including Lucian in the successful franchise Underworld and a role as Tony Blair in The Queen. His breakthrough-leading role came as journalist David Frost in the 2008 masterpiece Frost/Nixon, followed a year later by his turn as Leeds manager Brian Clough in The Damned United. He’s also appeared in an episode of Doctor Who already, providing the voice of House in The Doctor’s Wife, written by friend Neil Gaiman.

Of everyone on this list, Sheen has the experience and calibre in Hollywood to play a leading man and would be a safe bet for the studios. He’s no stranger to the big dollar productions either, appearing Twilight: New Moon and reprising his role in the upcoming Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 and 2 and also appearing in the Underworld saga. Whilst all popular movies they also aren’t leading or iconic roles that would leave any baggage for him playing Who. Unfortunately, they aren’t likely to cast anyone over 40 for the time-travelling hero but Sheen is our number 1 pick.

You can read the full article HERE.

If Michael Sheen is overlooked for the film version, maybe Steve Moffat would consider him for the TV version, since current Doctor Who star Matt Smith confirmed he won’t be sticking with the role past the upcoming 2012/2013 season.

Dr Who: Series 6 vol 1 DVD release date

If you didnt get a chance to watch the Neil Gaiman episode of Dr Who, featuring the voice of Michael Sheen as the House, or would just like an opportunity to watch again – well good news! It is now available for pre-order on Amazon.

Series 6 Volume 1 features episodes 1 to 7 (The Doctor’s Wife being episode 4) and will be released July 11 in the UK, and July 19 in the US.

Product links have been added to the Project page, or you can just click the links below. If you intend to order this, please ensure you use one of the links below or from the project page, as this will help the site’s charitable collections.

Michael Sheen talks about his role in Dr Who

Article from USA Weekend 13 May 2011

Michael Sheen is best known for his live-action work — from Frost/Nixon and The Queen to Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris (in theaters starting next Friday) and this summer’s drama Beautiful Boy — but he offered up his voice talents for this Saturday’s episode of Doctor Who, airing on BBC America at 9/8 p.m. CST. The Doctor (Matt Smith) travels to a junkyard planet and meets a woman and her oddball family in this episode written by sci-fi and comics legend Neil Gaiman. Sheen is a friend of Gaiman’s, and he voices a character in the episode, titled “The Doctor’s Wife” . The online rumor mill seems to think he’ll be one of the tentacle-y alien Ood, but this is Doctor Who so who knows. (Pun intended.)

Sheen has been a big fan of Doctor Who ever since watching the British series during his formative years growing up in Wales. “Jon Pertwee was my first Doctor, and then Tom Baker,” Sheen recalls. “Doctor Who was a fixture in a lot of people’s lives as they were growing up in the ’70s. It was a very sad sight to see Doctor Who declining, and then eventually being cancelled, so it was wonderful to see it coming back in a new and reinvigorated way. It’s been one of the great cultural phenomena of the last few years here in Britain.” And America, too, as the show and character are more popular than ever before on this side of the pond.

Doctor Who has also been a source of excitement for the people of Wales, since Cardiff has become a home base of sorts for the show. The mastermind behind the Doctor Who resurgence, writer-producer Russell T Davies, hails from the same area in Wales as Sheen, a native of Port Talbot. “I’ve known him since I was about 14, and we were in the same youth theater together,” Sheen says of Davies. “It’s wonderful to see so much Welsh talent behind it, and it’s really had a huge impact on the local economy and local self-esteem. There’s now a real infrastructure in the area that is developed for Doctor Who but is now able to support other productions as well, so it’s made a big difference.”

The Dr Who episode featuring Michael Sheen is called “The Doctor’s Wife” and will be shown Saturday 14 May on BBC One and BBC One HD at 18:30, and BBC America at 9/8c

2 Clips of next weeks DrWho episode added to Video Gallery

Two clips of next weeks Dr Who episode which features the voice of Michael Sheen and was written by Neil Gaiman, have been added to the Video Gallery.

After watching them, I am officially excited. Dr Who, Neil Gaiman, and Michael Sheen… its like my 3 top fandoms have all come together.

[Video not found] [Video not found]

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