The Gospel Of Us

Written by: Owen Sheers
Directed by: Dave McKean
Theatrical Release: 13 April 2012 (UK only)
DVD Release: 9 July 2012 (UK)
Status: Awaiting DVD release
  • Michael Sheen – The Teacher
  • Matthew Aubrey – Legion
  • Nigel Barrett – The Stranger/Uncle Bryn
  • Jordan Bernarde – Garry / Barry
  • Di Botcher – The Mother
  • Darren Lawrence – Alfie
  • John-Paul Macleod – Legion
  • Rhys Matthews – Rhys (brother)
  • Francine Morgan – Joanne
  • Kristian Phillips – Sgt Phillips
  • Kyle Rees – Kyle (brother)
  • Hywel Simons – Company Man
  • David Rees Talbot – Peter
  • Gerald Tyler – Security Chief
  • Matthew Woodyatt – Simon
synopsisThis project is the feature film version of the Passion play that was performed throughout Port Talbot in Easter 2011.

Taking inspiration from the Easter story, this secular performance takes place in key locations around the town of Port Talbo. The story begins with a large corporation, ICU, appearing on the town’s shores, heralding big plans. At the same time, a local teacher goes missing, only to appear 40 days later with no memory of who he is.

Interacting with the townsfolk, he not only learns about himself, but revives the town’s sense of community. They band together and form a resistance against the machinations of ICU. The corporation’s leaders retaliate, and The Teacher becomes the scape goat.


  • The Guardian“a stylised documentation of the event”
  • WalesOnline“Sheen puts in the performance of his life as The Teacher”
  • ViewLondon“a thought provoking and uplifting film well worth a viewing for anyone with an interest in innovative theatre”

  • no awards yet

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  • Kimberly Allen

    Will this be released in the US?

    • Madnad

      I am not sure at the moment Kimberly. I suppose it would depend if the film’s produces sought a distribution deal in the US. If I hear anything though, I will post it on the site.

  • Antonella Pagano

    you were great in the movie Gospel of us,and how many people do not think like me,you are to me and you’ll be the best actor ……………………as well as the most beautiful.A great good luck for the future anxiously awaiting it reaches you a well deserved oscar.A big kiss by ANTONELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Antonella Pagano

    michael sheen that’s movie is in my heart………………….you are amazing!!!!!

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