Michael Sheen doodle goes for £255

The ebay auction for the National Doodle Day submission from Michael Sheen closed yesterday with the item being sold for an amazing £255

A huge round of applause to all those who made a bid for wanting to contribute to this extremely worthy charitable cause, and a standing ovation to the extremely generous bidder who was fortunate enough to win.

Please send us a picture of you with your prize when you receive it.

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  • Quills

    Hello! I’m the lucky winner of Michael’s art :) I’m very happy that I can help on this way! When the doodle arrives, I’ll send you a photo.

    • madnad

      How wonderful Quills! I am so happy for you and have to say that you have been extremely generous, and I am sure the charity is very grateful. It is a great cause you have helped and in return you will receive something so very unique.

      I look forward to receiving your photo. Well done!

  • allison

    i just recieved my t-shirt with michael’s doodle on it. its worth every penny.i will treasure it, knowing it’s all michael’s own work on the design.

    • madnad

      Brilliant! You managed to figure out how to order products?

  • mariamuser

    Ok, fine, but where is the photo?…

  • madnad

    maria – Quills has kindly posted it in the forum

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